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Professional carpet cleaning service at home in Hammersmith. Quick cleaning removes stains, wear, bacteria, dust mites and odors and restores the shine and freshness of your carpet!

What is hidden in the fabric of your carpet?
Vacuuming the carpet gives the appearance of cleanliness, but most of the impurities remain impregnated in the carpet fabric: deep dirt, bad smell and dust mites are a real danger to your family’s health!

Washing the carpet at home may seem like a solution, but if you try to do it yourself, you should know that this process also involves many disadvantages, such as: fabric degradation, discoloration, staining, extension of harmful factors and prolonged physical exertion. Slow drying can promote the growth of bacteria, and mold and odors will bring your carpet to an even worse state than before.

These problems occur because the cleaning products on the market may not be suitable for your type of carpet, and the equipment and techniques used to wash the carpet are not suitable for this process.

Choose experience and efficiency by calling on our company for a professional carpet cleaning! It does not cost a fortune and is made with qualified staff, directly at your home, in 60-90 minutes!

Carpets deserve to be treated responsibly!
They are trampled all day long! It’s time to restore their dignity! Dust, traces of wear, dirt and debris collected in the carpet fabric, to which are added the hair and excrement of pets will make the carpet look dirty and stained, intense wear and lack of proper cleaning dramatically shortening its life.

Carpet cleaning in Hammersmith begins with strong suction with vibrations. Like using a traditional beater, we work with the SEBO vacuum cleaner with electric beater to remove impurities, dust mites and dirt particles fixed in the textile fiber, and for hair and difficult debris we use adjustable rotating brushes that penetrate deep into the fabric, regardless of carpet thickness.

The next step is to clean the stains on the carpet. Once vacuumed, the carpet is inspected to identify difficult stains, which are pre-treated with special K2R anti-stain solutions, appropriate to the type of fabric and the nature of the stain. It is important to treat the stains locally before washing the carpet itself, so that the cleaning agents have the opportunity to act.

If necessary, the pneumatic pistol with a medium hardness rotating brush will be intervened punctually in order to dislodge the respective stains.
For stuffy or slimy marks, oil or grease stains, we use locally the Karcher steam appliance that will „melt” at 150 ° Celsius and the most stubborn stains.

Choose the carpet cleaners in St Albans today.

The injection-extraction vacuum cleaner washes the carpet with a quick-drying professional detergent, simultaneously with rubbing with a rotating brush and vacuuming the used detergent, and the procedure will be repeated with clean water for the final rinsing. The Bissell BG10 is a leader in the field with the technology that allows the use of injection and extraction functions simultaneously in both directions of travel on the surface of the carpet, making cleaning twice as efficient and faster.

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